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A great tool to grade your website in seconds for free

A great tool to grade your website in seconds for free

October 16th, 2020 by Elizabeth

Inbound Marketing Leader Hubspot has a great tool for you to grade your website in seconds. Whether you've built it with Rapidweaver or not.

I will help you understand the most important aspects of your website: Performance, SEO, Responsiveness, and Security.


This free tool will grade your website's perfomance by analyzing: Page Size, Page Requests, Page Speed, Browser Caching, Minimal Page Redirects, Image Size, Minified Javascript and Minified CSS. If you don't know what this all means, the tool kindly explains what you can do to increase your website's performance.


Website Grader will analyze whether you have the correct settings in your page in order for it to be SEO friendly. It will check its permission to index inside your robots.txt file, its meta description, its content plugins (for example if your page uses Flash, it will warn you that this is not a recommended practice), and descriptive link texts.


In a few seconds you will know whether your page has a legible font size, tap targets, and responsive design.


If you're not familiar with a website's security features, this tool will help you know the most important ones: Do you have an SSL certificate installed? Do you have secure Javascript Libraries? These two characteristics will help your site be less vulnerable to cyber attacks.